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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 13 April 2018

Over the last week conditions did not improve.  Cold easterly and north easterly winds loaded with rain continuously buffeted our anglers and made fishing very tricky indeed.  The weekend boats all struggled a bit.  On Saturday 7th Thack AC kept five fish for 15lbs and returned a further five on catch and release.  Roslin AC kept nine for 26lbs.

Luggie Bank AC kept five for 17lbs and returned 12 on catch and release.  George Peline returned eight on catch and release and Craig Cowan had five on the same day.  Doug Skedd returned six from the bank on Sunday.  Jim Russel and partner had 16 on catch and release on cormorants and midge tip line.

Ferry Fly Dressers kept eight for 22lbs.

Mr Morris with two boats kept 10 fish for 26lbs and one returned.  Fife Club Gartmore kept 20 fish for 53lbs.

Alistair Goldie had 10 from the bank on catch and release and D Skedd had four.  There were few boats out during the week due to the weather.

On Thursday Mr Kerr from Falkirk braved the elements and was rewarded with a nice four fish limit for 10lbs.  Mr Kerr reported missing many offers.  He was fishing bloodworm in black or red.

Friday was a much better day and most anglers did very well.  Unfortunately, my friend Gavin Dunn blanked again but things will come good for him when he tries flies with hooks on them.  Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned six on catch and release.

Falkirk FC had a busy day with their four boats keeping 23 fish for 62lbs and returning a further 16 on catch and release.

North Berwick AC with five boats kept 27 fish for 69lbs plus 13 on catch and release.  Bill Ramage and partner returned 20 on catch and release.

Nigel Muckle and partner returned 30 fish on various lures.  Ian Dobbie returned 22 on catch and release.  Ian was fishing D/Bachs and cormorants.  What a difference the weather makes!

The fish are lying in the shallower areas of the Loch but are feeding near the bottom.  Easily reached with a sink tip or floating line.

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