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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 18 March 2018

The Loch opened for the new season on Thursday, 15 March.  I have to say I have the greatest admiration for the stalwart anglers who braved the elements on opening day.  A bitter east wind loaded with rain did not make for good fishing.  Despite this some anglers managed to connect with fish.  The top boat was manned by Messrs Bell and McBride who kept six over wintered fish for 24 lbs and returned two on catch and release.  The guys were fishing black and green lures on midge tip lines in the Peel Bay.

Jim Frew had a superb grown on fish of 6 lb on a Minkie.  Mr McDougall from Haddington managed two for 8 lbs as did Trevor Gibson from Edinburgh.  OAP's Mr Elgie and his boat partner kept three fine fish for 12 lbs and also caught on catch and release.  Various  other anglers caught fish on catch and release but no large catches were recorded.

Friday brought an improvement in the weather but only four boats ventured out.  Gavin Dunn and Bill Simpson did well to return eight fish on catch and release, including several fish in the 4 - 6 lbs range.  All were fully finned with perfect tails  and were taken on a variety of blobs.  Ken Wood and partner also had a good day keeping seven fish for 24 lbs.

Saturday was another wild day.  Herriots FPAC went out with five boats, mostly on catch and release.  However, no record of the catch other than one angler taking a fish of around 6 lbs was recorded.  Falkirk Fly Dressers did well, as usual, with their five boats keeping thirty three fish for 92 lbs plus returning seven good fish.  Their best fish was a grown on Rainbow of 5lbs.  Bank of Scotland AC had a poor day recording five fish for 15 lbs.

Weather wise we could not have had a much worse start to the season.  Let's hope it settles down soon.

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