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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 20 May 2018

A person or persons unknown have been circulating a nasty rumour that human excrement has been seen floating about on the loch and also that the discolouration of the water is the result of a brown algal bloom.  We asked SEPA to have a look and they came out very promptly and just as promptly let us know that there were no toxins or algae in the loch.  Nobody would find any signs of human waste.  Every year about this time the thin crust of decayed weed which has settled on the bottom during the Winter is forced up by the new Seasons weed growth and floats up to the surface – this looks a wee bit unsightly – I suppose with a bit of imagination it could look like raw sewage.  The colour in the water is simply the result of hundreds of tons of silt being washed in over the winter. It just hasn’t settled down yet.  The very low water level isn’t helping but the Peel Warden has the sluice closed down as far as possible so all we can do is wait for a bit of rain.

Our regular Friday anglers mostly did well. Andy Lumsden kept five fish for 15lbs and Robin Smith returned six on catch and release.  Falkirk Municipal with four boats kept 13 fish for 36lbs and four returned.  Best flies were buzzers under FAB.  Willie Paton and partner had a good day with an eight fish limit for 21lbs.  Mr Johnston and partner also kept eight fish for 23lbs.  Trevor Gibson, on a full day ticket, fishing his favourite buzzers kept five fish for 14lbs and returned a further 14.  Jim Russel also fishing buzzers returned a dozen on catch and release.  Doc Boyle returned four on catch and release.

On Saturday, Thack AC caught 40 good quality rainbows on a catch and release basis.  Hedgehogs with two boats kept seven trout for 18lbs 11 oz and released a further three fish.

Day session boats for next weekend are all booked but there are opportunities to fish during the week and every evening.

Either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail


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