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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 21 April 2018

I start this week’s report with an apology to Gavin Dunn.  I said last week that Gavin had blanked when in fact he and his pal had 12 fish on catch and release which is not a bad days sport by any standards.

The loch has been very busy over the last week and best flies are still cormorants fished slowly and the buzzers are also starting to score.  Best lures are yellow dancers and cats whiskers – also coral boobies.  Though we remind anglers that boobies may not be used for catch and release.  The fish are well spread out over the loch and a good percentage of over wintered fish were being caught last weekend.  Hedge Hogs AC with two boats kept 13 for 36lbs and returned six on catch and release.

Gartcosh AC were out in force with 11 boats and had a good day keeping 49 fish for 130lbs and returning a further 25 on catch and release.  Kenny Gray had eight on catch and release and Craig Cowan had nine.  Mr O’Neill and partner had 14 on catch and release and John Walker had ten.

On Sunday, Jim Russel and partner returned 24 on catch and release mostly on cormorants.  Rosyth AC kept 27 fish for 72lbs with the best fish 5½lbs.  On the same day Dunfermline Rusty Nail AC kept 15 fish for 42lbs.

On Monday and Tuesday the loch was very quiet due to the weather but Dundee West End AC took seven boats out on Wednesday and found the fishing a bit tricky keeping 20 fish for 53lbs.  Best fish was one at 4½lbs on a coral booby.  Mr Hanniford had five on catch and release on a humongous and Mr Stewart also returned five.

We had the Scottish Police (West) out on Thursday and they worked hard for 56 fish for 144lbs.  Best fish was a six pounder, if you don’t count a splendid pike or around 15lbs which was safely returned.

Friday was very bright with a North West wind.  Not ideal conditions and all the boats struggled.  Edinburgh Trout Anglers with four boats didn’t do too badly however, keeping 15 fish for 35lbs.  Lochinch AC also had four boats and kept 17 fish for 41lbs plus six caught on catch and release.

The loch is well stocked and water conditions are very good.  We continue to stock weekly.

There are a couple of boats available for Saturday, 28 April and Sunday, 29 April if you are quick enough.

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