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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 23 June 2018

The loch is fishing well for the time of year.  Water clarity is very good.  The Summer weed is up in some areas but this is no bad thing.  The weed takes a lot of nutrients from the water which would otherwise nurture the algae.  Also quality fish are to be found around the fringes of the weed.  Our regular anglers target these fish with buzzers and corixa on a floating line.  The majority of fish are however in the deeper water and buzzers (black) are the favourite flies at the moment.

Sunday, 17th we had Rainbow Warriors out with three boats keeping 13 fish for 43lbs.  The Saturday AC also with three boats kept 11 fish for 44lbs and Mr Sneddon on a catch and release ticket returned seven fish all on black buzzer.

On Wednesday Messrs Dobbie and Russel returned 12 fish all on black and silver buzzers and Mr Stewart returned 15 fish again on buzzers.  Evening pike angler Mr Sutherland returned a fit pike of around 7lbs and also reported a fish in excess of 20lbs following right up to the boat but failing to take the fly.  As pike are now part of our game fishing set up we respectfully ask that all pike should be carefully returned to the water.

Friday, 22nd was a bright sunny day with a northerly breeze – not the best conditions – however most anglers did quite well.  Gavin Dunn and Geordie Black returned 14 fish mostly on buzzers and damsels.  Andy Lumsden with two boats kept 10 fish for 28lbs on buzzers.  Falkirk FC with four boats kept 18 fish for 45lbs.  Nigel Muckle had a quiet day for him returning six fish on blobs.  Ian Dobbie had a busy session returning 30 fish on buzzers and /bachs – fished behind a FAB.

Willie Paton and partner kept a nice limit of eight fish for 22lbs – mostly on damsels and midge tip line.

On Saturday Butcher Boy AC kept 35 fish for 78lbs while ABC & D AC on an evening session caught 15 trout for 40lbs.  Mr King had five on catch and release that same evening.  The Sunday day session saw Railway Inn land 10 fish for 27lbs.

Boats are available for all sessions next week.  Phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail


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