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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 29 April 2018

Over the last week the weather has been pretty variable but despite this catches have been quite good.  Most anglers are still pulling lures but cormorants – mostly silver body – are taking a lot of fish as are buzzers held up by AFAB.  Favourite lures include cats whiskers black cat, ace of spades and dancers both red and yellow.

Last weekend two anglers from hedgehogs AC had a nice kill limit of eight fish for 20lbs plus five on catch and release.

Dr Carboni had seven on catch and release and George Pelive had five.  WL Fly Dressers with seven boats kept 44 fish for 105lbs plus 36 on catch and release.  Ferranti AC with three boats kept 23 fish for 60lbs plus three on catch and release.  Alexanders FFC with six boats kept 27 fish for 67lbs and Mr Sneddon had a good day on the bank returning eight fish.

On Sunday, Trevor Gibson and and partner kept six for 19lbs.  St Mungo AC with five boats kept 15 fish for 33lbs plus six returned on the same day.  Ferry Fly Fishers with five boats kept 25 fish for 66lbs and local man Colin Snedden on the bank returned 11 fish.

During the week Keith Anderson returned 18 fish on catch and release.  Keith was fishing cormorants and buzzers.  SPRA, who took 15 boats managed 46 fish for 120lbs plus a dozen on catch and release.  On the same day Mr Fairlie returned seven on catch and release.  On Thursday, Davy Paterson reports returning a superb overwintered rainbow in the 7lbs – 8lbs class.  Also on Thursday Mr Maitland kept his four fish limit for 12lbs and Mr Abel returned five fish all on the old faithful ace of spades.

We had our usual good turnout on Friday.  Loch regulars Nigel Muckle and his boat partner returned 12 on catch and release including fish of 4lbs – 5lbs and a spade tailed specimen of around 7lbs – 8lbs.  Nigel favoured the black cat on the day.  Messrs Dunn and Black returned eight fish mostly diawl bachs.  Local man Lindsay Neary returned seven fishing black and green lures.  Ian Dobbie returned 13 fish.  Ian was fishing oliver buzzers at the top end of the loch.  Mr S Fairlie and partner returned 14 on catch and release.  Willie Paton and partner kept six fish for 16lbs on boobies.

The fish are well spread out over the loch and all areas are fishable with good water clarity.  We continue to stock weekly.

Evening sessions have now started and we also have a few day boats available for weekends.

Either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail

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