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Fish Catch Report by Ricky Wilson 1 July 2018

The weed growth, while limiting the fishable areas of the loch, has not affected the sport and the water is crystal clear.

With the exception of Ian Dobbie and Jimmy Russell who caught 12 on buzzers on Tuesday the few anglers who were out struggled to catch in the bright conditions.  On Thursday evening North Berwick AC with five boats including a father and son ticket managed to catch 16 trout – eight of which weighing 27½lbs were kept.

On Friday he overcast conditions appeared to encourage the fish and a number of anglers to include Ian McDougall, Nigel Muckle, Trevor Gibson and Ian Dobbie’s boats caught and released a total of 45 trout.  Most of those fish were caught using either buzzers, green bloodworm or a cat bug while the lure fishermen were catching on a humongous.

On the Saturday George Peline caught 17 fish using bloodworms and buzzers.

The holiday month is a quiet period on the loch and boats are available for most sessions.  To book phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail to ensure you are not disappointed


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