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Fish Catch Report by Ricky Wilson 17 June 2018

The weekly stocking policy has built up a fair head of fish in the water and although not a lot of fish are being seen on the surface anglers are reaping the benefits.

Bright conditions at the beginning of this week did not prevent Ian Dobbie from catching 12 fish on size 14 /16 black crunchers.Other anglers were catching on dry flies and black buzzers. Stewart had 7 fish on Wednesday fishing a red and black buzzer on a bung while Jimmy Russell caught 6 using similar tactics but with a black and silver buzzer.

Windy conditions on Thursday caused the cancellation of fishing but on Friday Glasgow University AC caught 15 fish for 43lb 8oz ; Gavin Dunn on a C/R ticket managed 7 fish on an orange blob and a damsel and Ian Dobbie had 11 on a halo fab and diawl bachs. on Saturday Wiremill AC caught 33 fish for 89lband released a further 4 while Cowdenbeath AC with 5 boats managed 24 fish for 66lb.

The loch was closed on Tuesday for Linlithgow Marches but there are day and evening boat sessions available for every other day including Saturday (2 boats) and Sunday (1 boat) if you are quick enough.

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