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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 14/03/2021

Between travel restrictions and wild weather life has not been easy for our anglers over the last week. However, quite a few anglers made it out and there were some quite respectable catches.

On Saturday, 6th Waders AC with two boats kept 13 fish for 38lbs mostly on damsels and boobies. Mr Maitland and his boat partner kept seven fish for 21lbs on black and green lures and intermediate line. John Walker with two boats kept 14 fish for 42lbs using boobies and blobs on intermediate line. Alistair McCotter returned 14 fish; Scott Mclauchlan returned 19 - photos of some his catch -

and Mark Laughton kept 3 fish for 24lbs 8oz.

Bank angler Alastair Golding returned two fish on cormorants.

On Sunday, Mr Williamson with two boats kept 14 fish for 40lbs mostly on black and green lures. Mr Johnston returned nine on damsels and Mr Purvis returned seven on black and green lures using a fast glass line. All the other Sunday boats had fish mostly on black and green lures. Loch regular Jim Russel managed his first outing of the season and returned six fish including one at 6lbs and another at 5lb. Jim fished the Calflea area and was fishing his favourite pearly cormorants. On the same day Mr Malcomson returned 18 on black and green lures and intermediate line. Ross Carnegie and partner kept five for 16lbs on cormorants. Mr Wells had a fine limit bag of four for 12lbs on black lure and Mr Nelson fishing the bank returned five all on cormorants. Best fish was around 5lbs.

Tuesday was very quiet due to winds but pike angler Mr McIvor braved it out and returned a splendid fish of around 15lbs. Mike Boyle returned two fish on tadpoles.

The weather kept anglers off on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was better and the guys who went out did quite well. Eddie McPhilips and boat partner returned 15 fish all on black and green lures. Scott McLachlan returned 10 on various lures. Mr Meikle had eight on orange fritz. Nigel Muckle returned five on black lure and Jim Russel was out again returning eight fish.

The water clarity is very good and all areas of the loch are fishable.

We continue to stock weekly.

Boats are available for most days for full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.


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