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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 14/6/20

The water clarity in the Loch is still very good. We have a bit of weed in the margins but some parts must be fishable as regular bank angler Mr Donnoley had 4 fish from the north bank. It wasn't reported what flies he was using but I suspect it may have been dries.

Most anglers are fishing the deep water with buzzers and sinking lines but some are using rabbits and minkies with a fair bit of success.

Last Sunday the buzzer boys had a good day. Andy McAdam returned 19 fish, Ian Dobbie had 8 and Freddie Padden had 5 using a midge tip. On Monday Andy Gillespie had 12 on a black rabbit while Trevor Gibson took home a superb rainbow of around 9lb. A lot of large fish of between 4lb. and 8lb. are being returned. We do not stock them at this weight -- these are grown on fish. On Tuesday Mr Narbourgh kept 2 fish for over 5lb and Mr Cormack had 2 fish for 6lb. On Wednesday we had 2 boats from the Grangemouth Club out and they kept 6 fish for 18lb. -- mostly on boobies. On the same day, Don McGregor had 8 on buzzers and J Smith returned 5 on various lures. Thursday was quite a busy day with most boats having 5 or 6 fish. Most of those anglers were using an intermediate line with a wide variety of lures and the black rabbit doing particularly well. Friday proved to be a quiet day and for some reason did not fish well. Gavin Dunn kept 2 fish for 6lb. and Mr Fairlie kept a 3 pounder and returned 6 fish. The rest of the boats returned 2 fish each. On Friday evening, in the breezy damp conditions, John Innes and I both ventured out and John landed 7 fish keeping 4 for 13lb. Fish were heading and tailing on a regular basis causing me to choose to fish damsels on a washing line using a midge tip. This proved to be unsuccessful so using the same cast I changed to sink tip and almost immediately hooked a fish. Out of curiosity I then changed to a DI7 line and caught a blue. To complete my 3-hour stint I changed again to an intermediate with the same cast and again contacted fish.

The Saturday boats mostly struggled a bit. Mr McKay returned 2 as did Scott McLachlan who was fishing blobs. The Gilmerton AC returned 14 -- caught mostly on cormorants or black rabbits with midge tip lines. A lot of the fish seem to be lying in the deeper water so you have to get down to them.

We start the installation of our new jetty on Monday the 22nd June so no bookings are being taken for the 22nd, 23rd and the 24th. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. However, bookings are still being taken for all other dates.

or phone the lodge on 01506 671753.


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