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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 15/04/19

It is good to see the swallows and martins back on the loch, they arrived last Monday, (8 th April) which is about a week late. Hopefully they have brought some settled weather back with them. The birds need the fly life the loch produces and we can certainly see the evidence of buzzer hatches now. Over the last week best flies have continued to be buzzers and cormorants along with green and black lures and dancers blobs also doing well. Best lines are floaters and midge tips.

Last Sunday Leslie and Glenrothes kept 14 fish for 38lbs. North Berwick AC kept 16 for 40lbs and returned a further 12 on catch and release and Falkirk Fly Fishers kept 10 for 31lbs. On the same day Craig Cowan and Ian Dobbie returned 12 on catch and release including several over wintered specimens in the 4lb – 6lb class. Mr Henry and partner kept five for 17lbs including a lovely five pounder. These were caught on a bunny leech. On the bank Messrs Golding and Yeardsly both returned three fish on black and green lures --- the guys packed up early due to the bitterly cold wind.

On Friday, Gavin Dunn returned five on catch and release on cormorants. Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned 15 on buzzers and blobs. Mr Miller and partner kept six fish for 17lbs and Mr Pender kept three fish for 8lbs.

WE had the Loadhead Club out on Saturday. These guys don’t make it easy for themselves as they don’t allow anchoring. Despite this the Club did well keeping 26 fish for 67lbs – best fish 4lbs. Best flies were cormorants and buzzers. Strathy AC kept 18 for 41lbs, with the best flies being cormorants and yellow dancers. Hedge Hogs had one boat and kept five fish for 15lbs – best a 4lb blue, again on cormorants.

The new seasons weed growth is starting to grow and this displaces a crust of old weed on the loch bed. When this floats to the surface it looks a bit unsightly but is a perfectly natural occurrence and does no harm to the water. The weed has just started and all areas of the loch are perfectly fishable.

We continue to stock weekly.

We are now offering four hour sessions at £15 for catch and release and £20 for a two fish kill ticket.

To book either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 book on our Bookings page to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie

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