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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 16/05/2021

The mixed weather condition on the Loch has not made catching easy in the last week. The heavy rain caused the Loch to colour up a bit but the water clarity has now improved and anglers are reporting that takes have been more frequent with several of them being broken or dropping fish around the 5lb mark.

However, on Sunday Aberdour Angling Association killed 15 fish with a total weight of 45lb 10oz and Rosyth Civil Service landed 19 fish for 57lb. The above catches were made mainly using midge tip, buzzers, blobs, damsels, montanas and mini lures. The Saturday Club with two boats landed 12 trout for 33lb using hover lines or 6ft sink tip and mini lures while regular Ian Dobbie using buzzers and a floating line landed 10 good sized trout.

On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the few brave anglers who ventured out in poor conditions struggled with few fish coming to the net. However, Alistair Fyvie in a four-hour session on the Tuesday did manage to land three fish using red hoppers on a floating line and caught a further two on the Wednesday using similar tactics.

Friday brought an improvement in the catches with the best being the Muckle brothers getting 11 on a black cat, Ken Wood and partner eight on cormorants, Gavin Dunn and Jimmy Mackie six on blue buzzers.

On Saturday three clubs – Priory Club, Glasgow; Butcher Boys and the Scottish Deaf Fishing Club caught a total of 82 fish using a variety of flies on mainly midge tip and floating lines. Those flies included yellow and orange blobs; blue buzzers; snatchers and crunchers. White lures on an intermediate line were also catching.

We continue to stock weekly and all areas of the loch are fishable.

Boats are available for most days for full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance. Evening sessions have now commenced and anglers can fish from 4:30pm until dusk.

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