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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 16/06/19

The loch continues to fish well. The fish are to be found pretty high in the water and best flies are still diawl bachs – buzzers and cormorants. The washing line technique with diawl bachs or buzzers and a FAB on the point is working well for some anglers. We could do with a bit more settled weather but most anglers are getting fish despite the variable winds.

Last weekend we had the Butcher Boy AC over from Kilbirnie and they did quite well keeping 40 fish for 100lbs plus 20 on catch and release. Bonnybridge AC kept nine for 25lbs.

Hedgehogs AC with one boat kept five fish for 16lbs plus two returned. On Sunday Jim Russel returned 5 all on buzzers and floating line. On the same day Graham Hoggan returned eight also on buzzers and floater.

Charlie Grosvenor returned six using buzzers and FAB. Will Wilmanski and partner kept five for 13lbs on suspender buzzers. Local veteran Oliver Snedden returned a superb grown on rainbow of around 6lbs caught on a buzzer.

North Berwick AC were out Thursday evening and kept 14 for 46lbs mostly on cormorants and boobies. On the same evening Grangemouth AC also had a wee competition and top rod was Ian McLaren. The Club kept 12 for 37lbs using cormorants and candy boobies.

On Friday Andy Lumsden and partner kept five fish for 16lbs and Gavin Dunn returned six on catch and release. Wellinging AC took two boats out in the evening and returned nine fish using diawl bachs and cormorants.

The loch will be closed on Tuesday, 18 June for the Annual Riding of Linlithgow Marches.

Next Saturday, 22 June we have the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Gala Day but the procession time will not affect anglers arriving at or leaving the car park.

Water clarity is still very good and the summer weed growth is only affecting shallow areas.

We continue to stock weekly.

We are now offering four-hour sessions at £15 for catch and release and £20 for a two fish kill ticket. Weekend boats are also available. Evening sessions are now available till end of August.

To book either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or book on our Bookings page to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie


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