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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 19/7/20

Although it is possible to fish the length of the Loch down the north bank, large areas are still unfishable due to the Canadian Pond Weed. Understandably this means that fewer anglers than normal are fishing the water. However, there is still a vast area of weed-free water in the Town Bay area and anglers are sticking to this deeper area to the west of " The Hole." Water clarity is very good and we have continued to stock regularly. It is worth noting that on Sat 4th July only 2 boats ventured out. Messrs Dobie and Russell caught and returned 20 trout --- mostly caught on Buzzers --- while pike angler Davy Paterson returned a beautiful fish of just over 25lb.

On other days the best flies seemed to be Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and Cormorants as well as various lures which included Yellow Dancers and Cats Whiskers. On the week of the 12th July, Mr Fairlie kept 2 fish for 8lb. and returned a further 5 fish -- the best one being 5lb 8oz. Trevor Gibson kept a 6lb fish caught on a Brown Buzzer; Ian McDougal returned 5 taken on Blobs and Nigel Muckle returned 10 having caught them on Buzzers and Fabs. On the same day, Ian Dobie returned 14 taken on Diawl Bachs and evening rod Mr Blair kept 4 fish for 11lb.

On Sat 11th Jim Mackie had 8 on Diawl Bachs and the boat pair of Jim Russell and Trevor Gibson kept 5 fish for catching a further 6 on catch and release. The guys were using Buzzers and Cormorants. It was nice to see fishing regulars the Farmers Association out on Sunday. They did quite well keeping 23 fish for 60lb. and returned 2. Their best fly was the Green Pea lure. Jim Fairlie was out again and returned 9 after fishing a Bunny Leech. Andy Gillespie kept 2 for 6lb. and returned 3 -- all on a Yellow Dancer. Evening rod Carl Pohlen had a good session returning 8 fish caught on Claret Dries. We had a few boats out on Friday and the best of these was Nigel Muckle and partner with 12 fish caught on various lures. Robin Smith had 2 fish for 6lb. and returned a further 2. Gavin Dunn returned 3 fish caught on Red Diawl Bachs

There are signs of the weed starting to recede and a few days of high winds and rain would help to break it up.

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