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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 20/03/2021

Things were pretty quiet on the loch during the last week. On Saturday, 13th few boats were out as the Clubs who had booked decided not to travel. The boats that did go out all had fish but no large catches. Best flies were tadpoles, damsels and cormorants mostly on midge tip lines. Things picked up on Sunday with Mr Johnston returning six fish all on damsels and a fast glass line. Craig Cowan returned eight trout on buzzers and midge tips but he must have tried a lure at some point as he also returned a beautiful but very indignant pike of around 12lbs.

Ian Dobbie and boat partner fishing black and green snakes on fast glass line returned 16 fish for the boat. Jim Russel returned seven on yellow dancer and cormorants.

Ian Dobbie was out again on Monday and returned 17 fish again on black and green snakes. The other Monday boats managed a fish or two.

Gavin Dunn kept two fine fish for 8lbs and Doc Boyle returned two on buzzers. Trevor Gibson and partner had some good sport on Wednesday, keeping six fish for 23lbs and returning two all on damsels. Mr Walker returned seven on fabs.

Despite a large stocking on Wednesday, we didn’t fish too well. On Friday four guys from Falkirk Fishing Club kept seven for 20lbs mostly on damsels. Nigel Muckle and partner returned 17 on black and green lures and Keith Anderson returned 10 on snakes.

The rest of the boats mostly had ones and twos.

As usual almost all the boats are concentrating on the Town Bay area – the entire Eastern half of the loch which shallow and easily covered by a floating line – is relatively untouched. Boats should be prospecting in this area looking for our wintered fish.

We continue to stock weekly.

Boats are available for most days for full day or 4 hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.

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