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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 20/10/2019

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The weather last week was a bit on the damp side but wild and temperature were pretty stable which led to good angling conditions. Our anglers are still favouring lures although Cormorants of various body colours are more than holding their own. Best lines are still Midge Tips and floaters.

On Sunday 13th, Farmers Associates AC kept 30 fish for 81lbs and returned a further 30 on C&R. Best flies were white Blobs and Cat Boobies – Cormorants and Bunny Leeches also featured. Best fish was 5.5lbs. Perth AC kept 19 fish for 54lbs plus 13 on C&R, best flies were Cormorants on Midge Tip and Intermediate lines. Regular Sunday anglers Jim Russell and Alistair Golden were out, Jim had 11 on C&R and Alistair had 10 also on C&R. Both guys using Cormorants.

On Monday Mr Johnston had a 4 fish limit for 14lbs and Mr Baxter had his limit for 12lbs. Mr Baxter was fishing a Viva. Jock Cowan headed up to the east end and had a pleasant day keeping his 4 fish limit for 11lbs and returning 5 on C&R. Jock was fishing Cormorants at the swing park end of Peel Bay. Mr Ross returned 6 on C&R.

On Thursday B.P AC from Grangemouth kept 20 fish for 56lbs. On the same day, Loch regular Mr Graham returned 10 fish on C&R and reported that included in his catch was a superb grown on fish of around 9lbs and another around 7lbs. Mr Graham was fishing with his favourite mini snake. Also, on Thursday Messrs Wilson and Mackintosh kept 4 fish for 12lbs and returned a further 12 on C&R, the best lure was the Damsel. On the same day bank regular Mr Donnelly kept 2 for 7lbs. - see his photo below.

Usual faces out on Friday. Andy Lumsden & partner kept 6 fish for 15lbs plus 15 on C&R.

Robin Smith unusually only managed 3 on C&R. Nigel Muckle returned 9 fish, Gavin Dunn 7 partner kept 3 for 9lbs and returned 12 – this on Cormorants. Graham Hogan returned 9 on a yellow Fab, and Mr Kelly had 7.

On Saturday Mr Docherty and Mr Kelly with boat partners returned 6 fish between them, floating line caught one on a Diawl Bach while Midge Tip lines caught the other 5 fish using Diawl Bach, Fab and Humungus flies. Mr Graham was out again this week and returned 12 fish, again with his favourite white Mini Snake fly. He reckons 1 was between 9 – 10lbs and a couple hitting the 4-5lb mark.

As the season draws to a close, we are happy with the catches, also, the water is in very good condition with excellent clarity with the weed mostly gone.

We are now offering four-hour sessions at £15 for catch and release and £20 for a two fish kill ticket.

To book either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753, e-mail or go to our website and book on our Bookings page especially for next year to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie


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