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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 29/05/2020

Linlithgow Loch reopened for fishing on Friday 28th May and as expected a good number of anglers turned out. Despite the very bright and warm conditions, some anglers had very good catches of trout including a very fine brownie of around 7lb. Surprisingly, considering the very high trout population in the loch we had a few blank rods. All I can say is it was either the wrong flies or the wrong depth. at this time of year - in clear water - if you fish a team of buzzers on a floating line, let them sink by counting them down until with a very slow retrieve, you find the feeding depth.

Catches included Ian Dobie and Jimmy Russell who between them returned 30 fish on brown buzzers. Trevor Gibson on a full day ticket kept 5 fish for approx 15lb and returned a further 14 trout -- all on buzzers. Ian McDougall returned 10 with John McLean catching 2fish. Gavin Dunn and Jim Mackie using a DI3 line and blobs returned 11 while Freddy Padden caught and released 6 fish each weighing almost 3lb. Martin Nelson and partner kept 5 for 15lb with a further 5 being returned. Loch regular Nigel Muckle returned 14 on buzzers and blobs while Scott Aitken also using buzzers and blobs returned 20. Andy Lumsden returned 18 with evening boat Dean Anderson and partner kept an 8 fish limit for approx 18lb. John Innes fishing a DI7 line and a "hang" technique caught, in a 3 hour evening period, 15 fish with 4 of them weighing in at approx 14lb. Carl Pohlen was also successful in returning 11 good quality trout.

Most of the Saturday boats also did well with George Pelline and partner on buzzers returning 30. I have to say at this point that all weights have been estimated as, for health reasons, all anglers have been discouraged from using our scales. It is easier to say that on Saturday 29 anglers caught 241 fish. A large number of those fish caught were grown on from last season with the largest of those, caught by Craig Cowan, estimated as being around the 8lb mark.

Please note that, in the absence of clubs fishing, we do still have some vacancies for day and evening boats for this coming weekend. To book either do so through our web page -

01506 671753.

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