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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report -7th June

Linlithgow Loch continues to fish very well. For most anglers, the best flies are still buzzers and cormorants with various lures including Cats Whiskers taking a good share of the fish. Throughout the day the fish have been at different depths so anglers have had to be prepared to alter their tactics and style of fishing if they were not getting any offers.. ( In the main midge tips and floating lines, however, appear to have been slightly more successful than the DI5 and DI7 lines which some anglers were using.)

On Sunday 31st most of our anglers had a good day with Jimmy Russell and partner, on a full-day ticket, keeping 10 fish for 26lb plus returning a further 10 -- all on buzzers. Scott McKenzie also returned 10 good fish caught on buzzers while Ian Dobbie, fishing mainly buzzers returned 25 fish. Gary Heseltine on a full day ticket kept 5 fish for 19lb. The best angler on the day was Andy McAdam who returned 35 fish having caught them using buzzers.

On Monday Stuart Kelly returned 23 on a cat's whisker; Mario Polini returned 13 and Brian McKeown's catch included 2 which were around the 5lb mark. Tuesday and Wednesday again saw some large catches with Mr Stewart returning 10 and Ian Dobbie returning 17.

Mr Anderson and his grandson kept 5 fish for around 15lb while Mr Cormack and his partner kept 7 for 19lb. Mr McGinley returned 17 and Mr A Stewart returned 20. On Thursday most anglers had fish with Mr Colin Wilson, on a pike ticket, returning a fine fish of 16lb.. Friday was a bit colder and blustery and it showed in the catches. Jimmy Russell and his boat partner did well, however. Jimmy used his experience and knowledge of the water to catch and release 20 fish including a sparkling brownie of around 6lb and a superb blue which was nearer 10lb.

Loch regular, Nigel Muckle, managed 10 with most of the other anglers also having fish. In a 4-hour evening stint, Mr Purvis and his boat partner returned 10 fish in what by that time was very testing conditions.

Saturday was a cold windy day and few anglers turned out. The best boat was Mike Connett who returned 14 fish using a Cats Whisker and a DI5 line. A lot of fish were to be found lying deep in the hole, off the high banking and anglers fishing around that area proved to be most successful.

In an effort to continue the excellent sport being experienced by most anglers the Loch is again being stocked on Thursday 11th June.

If you wish to book a boat contact us directly on 01506 671753 or you can also book through our web page -

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