Linlithgow Loch Fishery News - March 2019

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Refurbishments etc

· The Boats have been refurbished and are now on the Loch.

· The jetty has been refurbished ready for the new fishing season.

· Ladders will be fitted to the jetty to enable getting in and out of the boats if required.

· The lodge has been redecorated and refreshed.

· Life vests are being rearmed.

Stocking and Loch conditions

· We will be putting 2 full stockings (1,000lbs each stocking) of trout into the Loch prior to the

start of the season - 7th and 13th March and will be stocking intensely each month.

· Water clarity is very good, being able to see at a good depth.

· There are a high number of shoals consisting of stickleback & roach. Imitation flies to

match them should result in good catches.

· Due to the good / mild winter conditions very few cormorants are on the Loch.

· There is a higher than average number of over wintered stocked trout, we estimate

1000+ going by what was put in and caught last season.


· Permit prices remain the same as 2018 season.

· We will be introducing a 4-hour permit / ticket, available Monday to Thursday (details to


Expectations are high for an excellent start to the season.

Tight Lines

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