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Linlithgow Loch News - 08/03/19

The loch will open for the new season on Friday, 15 March. As usual our hard-working committee and friends of the loch have been busy over the winter repairing and painting boats and resurfacing the jetty. To get us off to a good start we will be stocking heavily with our usual quality rainbows in the 2lb – 3lb class. We left a good head of trout in the loch last year. These should have overwintered well as we had much fewer cormorants than usual over the winter.

Our anglers should prepare for very powerful grown on fish of 5lbs and upwards. Please try and avoid breakages by using sensible breaking strain. Lines to be used, we would suggest, should be no less than 8lbs b/s.

If previous years are anything to go by these larger fish will be found mostly at the top end of the loch – North Bank – Hatchery Bay – East Bay etc. However, most anglers will probably head for the drop off areas of Town Bay where fish always congregate.

Water clarity is very good at the moment and as long as we don’t get any full gales it should be pretty good for the start.

All areas of the loch are fishable.

Either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or book on our Bookings page to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie

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