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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 10/06/19

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The loch has been pretty quiet over the last week. It is a sad fact that we have very few young anglers coming into the sport and the majority of the angling population is made up of older people who are not so keen nowadays to brave wild and wet conditions. However, the stalwarts who did venture out mostly did quite well. Best flies are still buzzers and cormorants. In fact on Wednesday I was sitting in the Water Yett car park and large buzzers were landing on the car – they were huge, about an inch long and browny orange in colour. These flies are bringing on some very good hatches and Tam Easton along with his boat partner had a very exciting session returning 40 fish all caught on CDC’s and suspender buzzers – casting to rising fish is fly fishing at its best.

Last weekend Town Hill AC from Dunfermline kept 31 fish for 81lbs, mostly on buzzers cormorants and boobies. Gull AC kept 18 for 72lbs. Best fish 6lb and best fly was Dennis the Menace buzzer. IBM Freshwater AC kept 26 for 65lbs plus 17 returned on catch and release. On the same day Craig Cowan returned eight on catch and release and T Smith with two boats returned 24 buzzers on cormorants.

On Sunday Gavin Dunn from Coudorrat returned 13 and Mr Heenan was fishing cormorants.

Mid week was very quiet due to weather but Mr Eadie braved it out and had a good session keeping his two fish limit for 8lbs. Best fish 5lb rainbow and returned a further six on catch and release. Evening rod Paul Thomson from Bonnyrigg returned 20 fish, mostly on buzzers. Mr Graham had a bit of excitement while fishing a mini-snake. He hooked and netted a beautiful pike of around 20lbs. the very indignant fish was safely returned.

On Friday, Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned five. Ian Dobbie returned 11 an Mr Michton was very happy with three fish on the good old ace of spades. He obviously found some of the fish which are feeding on the large shoals of roach and perch fry.

We continue to stock weekly.

We are now offering four-hour sessions at £15 for catch and release and £20 for a two fish kill ticket. Weekend boats are also available. Evening sessions are now available till end of August.

To book either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or book on our Bookings page to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie


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