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Loch Rules


Fly Fishing only permitted by fly rod and fly reel (excluding use of Bubble Float and trolling)  NO LEAD WEIGHTS. 


It is an offense to fish without written authority. 


On request, permits must be shown to a Representative of the Federation or of the Dept of Environment.


Fish less than TEN Inches to be carefully returned to the water. 

All Brown Trout to be returned - not killed.


Please note – the following additional rules for Fly Fishing on the Loch – Maximum Hook - (Size 8 eight) Longshank and Maximum Fly Length (including all dressings) 2.25 inches / 56 mm. 

Fish finders ARE NOT ALLOWED on the loch - there is a depth chart in the lodge and on this website.




Boat Permits DO NOT authorise the holders to fish from the Bank.


Anglers found in reserved areas may be refused subsequent permits


On Leaving, a record of the catch must be given to the duty boatman.


Bank Anglers may telephone the lodge – 01506 671753 or email details of their catch using the contact form on Website.


Neither the Federation nor the Dept of the Environment can accept responsibility for loss of fishing tackle or any other loss or damage experienced while fishing, including any interference, which may occur as a result of pleasure boating.


The loch is governed by Linlithgow Peel, 1972.  A copy of the rules are exhibited at the entrance to the Peel.  These rules must be strictly observed by all Anglers.  Failure to comply may result in a refusal of a future permit.



If you are on a Kill Ticket,  Catch and Release applies after you have bagged your rod limit

​Catch and Release tickets allow you to carefully return all fish caught

​Details of number of Catch and Release must be given to boatman at the end of your session

No Boobies to be used on Catch and Release. 

De-barbed hooks only to be used for Catch & Release with minimum handling of fish please. 



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