Linlithgow Loch News - February 2020

Updated: Mar 16

We are now towards the end of February, so, with only four weeks until the start of the new season, it’s time for a wee update on how things are at the loch. At the present, the storms and heavy rain and snow have given the water a good clear out and once the sediment settles the loch will be in pristine condition. At the moment, the high coloured water is no bad thing. Piscatorial predators – mainly cormorants – have not been as bad as usual this winter and we hope to see a good head of overwintered fish this Spring.

Talking of fish – two large stockings of high-quality rainbows will be introduced to the loch BEFORE the new season starts on 14 March. Thereafter we will do our usual regular stocking depending on weekly catches. We will be supplied this year by two fish farms, in case, as has happened in the past, if one supplier runs short, we can rely on the other to keep us operating.

Our Committee and friends have had a very busy winter. The boats have all been scrubbed and painted and are ready to go. The lodge has also been spruced up with a fresh coat of paint and general tidy up. The guys have also been preparing for the arrival of a much-needed new jetty. Unfortunately, it may be the start of the season before it arrives. This is due to circumstances beyond our control namely hold-ups with the planning procedure. This may cause a wee bit of upheaval on the opening week but we will work around it and respectfully ask our anglers to bear with us – it will be worth it in the long run.

Angling costs have risen by £1 per head on average as is seen in the attached price list.

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