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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 10 June 2018

I can’t help noticing that even during this warm dry spell few anglers are fishing the deep water.  During the many years I fished the loch I learned that, in June, during a warm spell a lot of fish moved into the hole.  We targeted these fish with fast sink lines and a tram of buzzers.  A small gold head on the point and three buzzers spaced out above it allow the cast to sink right down to forty or fifty feet and slowly figure of eight with the odd wee pull back to the surface.  Watch out for fierce takes.  Some guys on a kill ticket would no doubt prefer to fish boobies.

The water clarity is very good and although we have some weed appearing it is not a problem

Last Sunday we were pretty quiet but loch regulars Priory AC with three boats had an excellent session keeping 20 fish for 67lbs and returning a further 38 on catch and release.  Mr Padgett and partner returned 13 fish mostly on blobs and Mr Blackie and partner returned 12 on Sedgehogs.  Doc Boyle returned five fish on buzzers and Trevor Gibson on a full day ticket kept five for 15lbs plus five on catch and release, also on buzzers.

Friday, 8th most anglers did pretty well.  Gavin Dunn and partner returned 15 on catch and release.  Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned 11.  Ian Dobbie returned 30 fish to his own rod using crunchers and d/bachs and I reported a lot of fish around 5lbs.  The fish are feeding on migrating snails.  Jock Cowan fished away quietly for nine fish on catch and release.  Once again we have the angler known only as Tam in the book returned his limit of four fish for 12lbs.

The thundery weather on Saturday must have upset the fish a bit but despite this some good catches were made.  Grangemouth AC did well keeping 18 fish for 47lbs and returned 15 on catch and release.  Gilmerton AC with seven boats kept 23 fish for 71lbs and three returned.  Wellington AC with five boats fished catch and release and returned 38 fish.  Best flies on the day were black crunchers and black d/bachs.

We are now allowing pike fly fishing but the weather has been a bit bright for pike fishing. We will report on results as the season goes in.

A few boats are available for day and evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  Either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail


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