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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report – 13/05/2024 – 19/05/2024

There were 53 boats out over the week, 93 fish were kept, weighing 139 lbs, and 104 fish were returned. Water clarity is still excellent. The best tactics were: Floating, Midge-Tip. Flies doing the taking were Buzzers, Candy Boobies, Diawl Bachs, Muskins, orange Blobs, Fabs, and Cats, also, successful were mini-Lures and Snakes.

The best catches Monday-Friday were by;

On Monday Owen Brogan with his mate Sandy Dunsmore managed to net and release 1 Rainbow

Steve Saunders out on Tuesday returned 4 fish.

On Wednesday, Mr Penman and friends out in two boats returned 9 trout. Mr Milne and his partner kept 4 fish for 12 Lbs and returned 6. Andy Lambert with his brother managed to net and release 2 using a sink tip and one fly (a good day for him as he only fishes once or twice a year and can’t cast far). Mr Lawson and his partner kept 3 fish weighing 7 Lbs and released 3.

Thursday saw Mr Forsyth with 2 boats keeping 6 fish for 21 Lbs 10 oz, while Marty Nelson had a cracking day keeping 2 trout weighing just over 6 Lbs and returning 11 into the Loch. fishing solo returning 4 fish.

Friday saw Gavin Dunn and Jim Mackie keep 4 fish weighing 11½ Lbs and return 8 rainbows, Robin Smith with George Mackintosh returned 5. Freddie Padden returned 8 trout, while, Jimmy Russell also fished solo returning 21 fish. SSEB HQ AC with three boats didn’t fare well with only 2 fish for 8 Lbs

On Saturday, IBM Freshwater AC’s 8 anglers kept 10 trout weighing in at 34 Lbs 15 oz and returned 13. Gilmerton Fly Fishers 7 anglers kept 11 Rainbows for 27 Lbs. Graham Bell with his brother kept 2 fish for 7 Lbs 14 oz – one at 4 Lbs as in the photo.

Sunday saw Rosyth Civil Service AC with 7 boats kept 18 Rainbows weighing 55 Lbs 7 oz, George Pellini returned 3 trout. Jimmy Russell out with Gavin Dunn returned 19 trout to the Loch. Balbeggie AC with six boats kept 29 fish weighing 88 Lbs 5 oz.

We continue to stock regularly as seen on our Facebook page

Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.


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