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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 21 July 2018

As I write we are enjoying a shower of rain but I’m afraid it will take prolonged rain to get the loch to anywhere near its normal level.  The weed is making it tricky to get out to the fishing water but once there most anglers are catching reasonable bags.  Gavin Dunn reports taking fish on the western fringe of the weed so its good the fish are moving about again.  Various buzzers are still the best flies but damsels and cormorants are also taking fish.  The taking depth varies according to the weather but generally the fish are not lying as deep as they were a couple of weeks ago.

Some typical bags have included Mr Ramsay who kept two for 6lbs and six on catch and release.  Mr Ramsay was using cormorants.  Andy Vaughn from Bo’ness kept four fish for 11lbs on cats whisker.  On the same day Mr Graham returned six on brown buzzers and Mr Fairgrieve returned seven on a bunny leech.

Friday, 13th Gavin Dunn and George Black returned 12 on catch and release on damsels.  Robin Smith had eight and Jock Cowan also returned eight.  Bothwells AC Blantyre kept 19 fish for 37lbs plus 13 on catch and release.  Dundee Eastend with three boats kept 13 for 32lbs plus three on catch and release.

On Sunday, 15th Farmers Assocation kept 29 for 72lbs plus three on catch and release.  Best flies were Ally McCoist and brown buzzers.  Gary Hesletime and Trevor Gibson had a full day limited of 10 fish for 26lbs plus six returned.  All on brown or black buzzers.

Monday to Thursday last week was pretty quiet but the anglers who did go out mostly did well.  Mr Lambert returned eight fish on black buzzers and Oliver Sneddon had six on d/bachs.  Mr Stewart returned 15 all on black buzzers.

Friday, 20th saw our usual Friday anglers out all of whom had fish.  The best boat was Mr Mackay and partner who kept a limit bag of six fish for 16lbs.  Mostly on the booby.

On Saturday we had Thack AC out with five boats and they managed 19 fish on catch and release.  We have a good head of fish in the loch but we will do a stocking next week to freshen things up.

To book phone the loch directly at 01506 671753 or e-mail to ensure you are not disappointed.

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