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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 25 March 2018

The cold blustery weather continued well into the week.  One of the few anglers to venture out on Monday was Mr Graham' who was rewarded with a fine brace of fish for 8lbs --  best one 5lbs.  These were caught on a Green Lure.

On Tuesday Messrs Ramsay and Gillies returned seven on catch and release. On the same day Mr J McDougal had a nice 5lb fish on an Ally McCoist on a slow sink line.  Also on Tuesday Mr Paton and partner kept seven fish for 24lbs.  Messrs Russel and Dunn returned seven on catch and release.  Most of those were our over wintered fish in the 4 - 5 lbs range.  The catch was made on pearly Cormorants and midge tip lines.  Messrs Dobbie and Paterson returned eight on catch and release, again on cormorants.

Wednesday was another wild day but a couple of clubs went out.  BP AC with four boats had a poor day managing seven fish for 20lbs.  Scottish Fire and Rescue with six boats did a bit better keeping 29 fish for 88lbs.  These were mostly caught  on black and green lures and cormorants with intermediate lines.

Friday brought more wind so once again the anglers had to work very hard for their fish.  Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned ten fish on catch and release.  Falkirk FC with four boats had a good session keeping 14 fish for 48lbs.  This included fish of 5lb and 7lb.  Mr Muckle and partner had 12 fish on catch and release on coral tadpoles.  Andy Gillespie had a nice brace for 5lb on a black and green lure.  Ian Dobbie was out with Jim Russel and they returned 20 on catch and release on crunchers and cormorants.  The guys were concentrating on Peel Bay.

Because of the windy conditions, pulling lures, is at the moment the best chance of taking fish.  It is impossible to fish static nymphs or buzzers when the boat is swinging about.  Everybody has their own favourite lures but you can't go far wrong at this time of year with black and green.  The fish are lying in the shallower areas so a sink tip or intermediate line in adequate.

Note that there are a few weekend boats available.  Please contact The Lodge on 01506 671753.


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