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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report – 15/04/2024 – 21/04/2024

There were 56 boats out over the week, 91 fish were kept, weighing 225 lbs, and 249 fish were returned. Water clarity is excellent, evident by the number of fish being netted and dropped.

The best tactics were: Midge-Tip, Di3 Fast Glass, and Intermediate lines. Flies doing the taking were Buzzers, Candy Boobies, Diawl Bachs, Muskins, black & green Lures, orange Blobs, Fabs, and Cats, also, successful were mini Lures and Snakes.

The best catches Monday-Friday were by;

Live Line AC on Tuesday keeping 9 fish weighing 24 Lbs 8 oz and returning three. Mr Thurstain and his partner kept 8 rainbows for 25 Lbs, putting back 5 fish. Ian McLaren with his boat partner kept 4 trout weighing 12 Lbs and returned 10.

On Wednesday, Ken Wood and his fishing buddy kept 4 fish for 15 ½ Lbs and released 16 trout while Tam Easton fishing for 4hrs returned 16 rainbows - see photos. Mr Peman and his partner returned 16 trout.

Thursday saw Edinburgh Trout AC out with 3 anglers keeping 9 fish for 24 ¾ Lbs, returning 10 into the Loch. Donald McKenzie out on his own had one of his best days fishing keeping 2 trout weighing 6 ¾ Lbs and returning 6, while Jim Baxter returned 8 trout.

Friday was a good day for Falkirk FC’s six anglers keeping 4 rainbows for 13 Lbs 10 oz and returning 20. Gavin Dunn returned 18 rainbows, Derek Crombie returned 7, and Robin Lambert kept 2 for 5 ¼ Lbs and returned 1. George Mackintosh returned 5, and Ricky Wilson kept 1 fish for 2 ½ Lbs, returning 4. Freddie Padden returned 6 rainbows.

Out on Saturday, IBM Freshwater AC with 9 anglers kept 22 fish weighing in at 50 ½ Lbs and returned 7 fish. Last Cast with 5 anglers returned 25 rainbows. Gartosh kept 18 fish weighing 52 ½ Lbs.

Sunday saw the Leslie & Glenrothes AC with 3 boats returned 22 fish into the Loch. St Mungo AC’s 8 anglers kept 11 trout weighing 34 Lbs 3 oz and returned 15. Ali Fyvie with Jimmy Russell returned 11 fish while Gavin Dunn and Mark Lawton returned 5 rainbows.

We continue to stock regularly as seen on our Facebook page

Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.


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