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Fish Catch Report by Graham Laurie 7 April 2018

Last weekend the weather was slightly better and it showed in the catches.

On Saturday, 31 March Falkirk Fly Dressers with five boats kept 25 fish for 67lbs and returned two on catch and release.

George Peline from Glasgow returned nine on catch and release.

Last Cast AC with three boats kept nine fish for 25lbs and Seafield AC with four boats kept 16 fish for 49lbs.  Best was a grown on Rainbow of 6½lbs,.

On Sunday Aberdour AC with seven boats kept 31 fish for 79lbs.  Earlston AC with six boats had a limit catch of 48 fish for 136lbs, mostly on cormorants.  Mr Wilkinson and partner also had a limit catch of eight fish for 23lbs, also on cormorants.

On Monday the weather was back to bitter wind and rain and only the Scotsman Pensioners braved it out with one boat instead of their usual three.  The old boys did very well to manage their limit of two fish each plus two on catch and release.  Mr Campbell on the bank worked hard for a fine brace on catch and release.

Due to the foul weather no boats went out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

On Thursday Messrs Russel and Dobbie went out and had a good session on pearly cormorants in the relatively shallow water of the West Bay.  The guys were on catch and release and returned fish of 4lb - 5lb and one stonker of around 8lbs.  All of their fish were over wintered.  On the same day Mr Nelson returned six on catch and release.  Best fish was around 5lbs; using blood worm.

The Friday boats - mostly did well.  Best boat was Nigel Muckle and partner who returned 16 fish on cormorants and various lures.  Robin Smith and Bill Simpson returned 12, again on cormorants.

Water clarity is very good and we continue to stock weekly.

The fish are not lying deep and are well spread out over the Loch.

We have just received information about a cormorant having to be put down by the SSPCA after being hooked on a poachers et line which had been tied to a tree.  We ask our anglers, particularly the regular bank fishers to watch out for SRT lines.  If you find one please remove it from the water and report it to the boatman.  This will help us to keep on top of any poaching problem.  We will also step up our regular inspections of the water.

A few boats are still available for this weekend.

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