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Fish Catch Report by Ricky Wilson 6 May 2018

Sunday, 29th April saw 37 anglers catch a total of 81 trout with an average weight of 2lb 12 oz. Weather conditions during the week showed an improvement and so did the catch ratio with pearly or silver cormorants proving to be most effective. On Saturday Falkirk Fly Dressers caught 24 fish for 65lb while ABC & D Angling Club had 20 trout for 63lb plus 6 fish which were returned to the water to fight another day. On the same day Tom Smith and two pals caught 12 fish on a catch and release basis.

With the improvement in the weather several boats are now venturing towards the east end of the Loch where several larger over-wintered fish have been caught. On Sunday 6th May one of those boats with Gavin Dunn and Jimmy Russel, fishing red buzzers, brought 5 good trout to the net before returning to the lodge for lunch.

Evening boats with fishing from approx 4.0pm till dusk, are now for hire and as we go to press there are some boats available for Saturday 12th May.


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