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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 17/04/2023 – 23/04/2023

The best catches went to anglers using F/lines, M/tips, Intermediate and F/glass lines. Flies taking the most fish were Blobs, Buzzers, black/green Lures, Cats, Cormorants, Damsels and Muskins. The Loch water is still crystal clear at present.

There were 73 boats out over those days with 134 rods, 64 fish were kept, weighing 193½ lbs, and 403 fish were returned.

Of the boats out on Monday, best catches went to Owen Brogan who returned 7 fish, his boat partner Sandy kept 1 for 2½ lbs, Mr McLean kept 3 weighing 11 lbs 12 oz and Mr Graham Fishing deeper with Snakes returned 2 Rainbows.

Tuesday saw Mt Stewart and partner return 7 fish, Alan McGregor returned 8 trout while Mr Brogan (Owens brother) returned 2 fish.

On Wednesday, Chris Stoneley and his partner returned 6 fish, the other 4 boats with single anglers returned 2’s and 3’s.

Out on Thursday braving the cold gusty winds, SPRAFF West with 11 anglers returned 29 trout, Edinburgh Troot AC’s 8 anglers kept 12 fish weighing 35 lbs and returned 16. Colin Bull with his boat partner kept 5 for 18 lbs - see photo

and Ron Thomson out on his own kept 2 for 5 lbs, returning 1 fish into the Loch.

Friday was a good day for most anglers, the best being Robin Smith and George Mackintosh returned 16 fish, Ian Dobbie and partner returned 7, Andy Lumsden kept 2 for 6 lbs and Marty Neilson returned 2 Rainbows, one weighing 6 lbs.

Saturday saw Waders AC with 4 anglers keeping 11 for 33 lbs (one weighing in at 5 lbs – see photo)

and returning 6 fish, IBM Freshwater AC with 4 boats kept 11 fish weighing 31 lbs 4 oz and returning 4. Last Cast AC with 2 boats returned 23 fish, Norhet Fly Fishing Club’s 9 anglers out for 4 hrs only kept 2 for 4½ lbs and returned 5 fish - see photo of a nice catch.

George Pelini with Ian Dobbie returned 27 fish, all caught on Buzzers with floating lines while Craig Cowan and partner returned19 Rainbows using the same set up. Robin Scott fishing on his own Kept 2 for 6¼ Lbs.

Fishing on Sunday, Kelso AA’s 8 boats returned 36 fish, Leslie & Glenrothes with 8 anglers kept 3 fish for 8½ lbs and returned 9, Kelty Artisans AC Kept 7 fish for 22¾ lbs. Ali Fyvie and partner returned 9, Jimmy Russell and Ian Dobbie returned 5 fish and Craig Cowan and his partner returned 9 Trout into the Loch. Fishing from the north bank, Alistair Golding returned 15 fish, Murphy returned 3 and Freddie Paddon returned 3 fish.

We continue to stock regularly as seen on our Facebook page

Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.

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