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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 21/06/2020

The angling activity on the Loch has been very quiet over the last week and some of the anglers who have gone out have found the fishing to be a bit tricky. Changes in the weather pattern have most probably resulted in different atmospheric pressures and this always puts the fish down and difficult to tempt.-- no different from other fisheries. However, some rods didn't do too badly.

On Sunday 14th the Saturday Angling Club kept 9 fish for 31lb. Those fish were caught mostly on Blobs. Mr Padgett returned 12 on Damsels while Ian Dobbie returned 8 having fished a Fab on a DI 3 line. In the evening session, Mr Thomson using a Pearly Dabbler kept 4 fish for 14lb and also returned 3. On Monday evening Carl Pohlen kept his 2 fish limit with 2 crackers for 9lb. Tom Forbes had 2 fish for 6lb. plus 2 returned on a Blob, also, Trevor Gibson kept 3 for 9lb. and returned a sparkling Brownie of around 5lb. Trevor was fishing Buzzers. Thursday was a bit busier with most anglers returning 3 or 4 fish. Best rod was Mr Laurenson who returned 12 having fished a Double Decker on a Floating line. Nigel Muckle kept 4 fish for 12lb. and returned 4 on Friday. Mr McMillan returned 7 on Buzzers,

Mr Graham returned 3.

On Saturday it was good to see some guys over from the Town Hill AC as most Clubs haven't yet restarted after lockdown. They kept 5 fish for 21lb. and returned 12. Most of those fish were caught using Crunchers.

There will be no fishing for the first 3 days of next week ie. Mon 22nd, Tues 23rd and Wed 24th. This is to allow time to install the new jetty. A fresh injection of fish will be stocked on Thurs 25th as usual.

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