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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 22/05/2023 – 28/05/2023

Successful lines for the week again were Floating, M/tip, S/tip. Flies taking the most fish were Buzzers / Muskins, Crunchers, black/green Lures, Damsels and Fabs. The Loch water is still clear at present.

There were 47 boats out over those days with 77 rods, 44 fish were kept, weighing 128¾ lbs, and 125 fish were returned. The change in the weather and atmospheric pressure made a detrimental change to the catches over the weekend.

Best catches for the week; Monday went to Owen Brogan and pal Sandy returned 7 trout. Tuesday’s successful anglers were Tam Easton keeping 2 for 6 Lbs, Mr Stewart returned 3, Mr Johnson returned 2 and George Mackintosh kept 2 fish weighing 6 Lbs and returned 2. On Wednesday, Mr Stonely and partner kept 2 for 6 Lbs, George Mackintosh with Oliver Sneddon Kept 2 fish for 5½ Lbs and returned 6. A busy Thursday had Stuart Kelly fishing solo returning 3 Rainbows, Mr McGrath and partner retuning 5 fish, Jimmy Russell out on his own returning 15 Trout (all caught on Buzzers and Muskins), George Pelini returning 7 fish. Friday, best catches for the day went to Robin Smith and George Mackintosh who returned 5 fish, Gavin Dunn and Jim Mackie kept 4 fish weighing 11 Lbs and returned 6, Andy Lumsden and partner kept 4 for 12 Lbs. Out again by himself Jimmy Russell returned 10 into the Loch, Scott McLauchlan fishing solo returned 6 Rainbows.

On Saturday Priory AC with 4 boats returned 8 Trout, Royalle Fishing Club’s 8 anglers kept 6 fish weighing 15¼ Lbs, Stuart Sneddon out alone returned 3 and Donald McKenzie returned 7.

A better day on Sunday saw Khats Whisker AC’s eight anglers kept 8 fish for 25 Lbs and returned 17. Fishing solo Ian Dobbie returned 6 Rainbows, Trevor Gibson and Jimmy Russell kept 4 fish weighing 10½ Lbs and returned 3. Gavin Dunn and Jim Mackie kept 4 for 13 Lbs and returned a lovely Brownie – see photo.

Mark Lawton on his own returned 3 fish into the Loch.

We continue to stock regularly as seen on our Facebook page

Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.

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