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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 23/05/2022 – 05/06/2022

There have been 106 boats out in the past two weeks. There were 179 rods, 99 fish were kept, weighing 312 lbs, and 363 fish were returned. Best tactics were floating and midge tip, also, Di3/Di5/Di7 lines using buzzers/muskins, blobs, diawl bachs, cormorants, fabs and black/green lures. A lot of the fish have been caught near the edges near the surface and deeper when it’s bright sunshine.

Anglers out during the week 23rd – 26th had excellent catches, the best catches were by Neil Gilmour and partner keeping 4 fish for 14 lbs and returning 7.

Out on Saturday were Priory Club from Glasgow with 8 anglers who returned 60 trout. Mr Walker with his boat partner kept 8 trout for 23 lbs 10oz then returned 13 all mostly caught on buzzers. George Pollini had a great day returning 20 fish again mostly on buzzers with some taking the Fab, Steven Scotland and partner returned 26 using buzzers and dries. Scott Hamill fishing for 4hrs with his partner returned 18 fish, again buzzers did the business.

On Sunday Ali Fyvie returned 9 fish, Mr Stewart returned 14 and Scott Paddon from the bank put back 6 using buzzers.

The following week 27th May – 5th June, the best catches went to Ian McLaren kept 2 for 6 lbs and returned 11, Ken Wood and partner kept 4 weighing 12 lbs, and also returned 14 rainbows. On Tuesday Mr Stewart returned 9 fish while Mr Graham returned 6. Thursday’s best catches were 4 fish kept for 14 lbs by Ken Wood and partner who also returned 16. Ian Dobbie also had a very good Thursday returning 9 trout into the loch, out again on Friday, Ian returned 8. Buzzers again being the fly to catch with.

Clubs out on Saturday included Cowdenbeath & District AC with 6 anglers keeping 11 fish for 34 lbs 12oz, Falkirk Fly Dressers again 6 anglers returning 17 trout (heaviest 8 lbs+, see photo)

and Bonnybridge AC’s 6 anglers keeping 11 trout weighing 35 lbs 4oz. George Pollini fishing again on his own returned 10 and single angler Paul Thompson kept 4 for 10 lbs.

Sunday being a quieter day the best catches were by Ali Fyvie returning 5 fish and Sean & Tom Whyte keeping 4 for 12 lbs 3oz.

We still continue to stock on a regular basis as seen on our Facebook page

Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.


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