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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 23/08/2020

Over the last fortnight, the number of anglers fishing the Loch has been quite limited. The main reasons being clubs not attending because of the virus; the very mixed and thundery weather conditions and the weed growth which is thankfully starting to recede and is now allowing anglers access to the east end of the loch.

We have continued stocking on a regular basis throughout the season and excluding the many overwintered fish from last year we estimate, allowing for cormorant activity etc, that there are approximately 2,700 trout waiting to be caught. Most of those fish are around the

2 – 3lb mark but many anglers have reported catching fish between five and seven pounds. Among those who have been most successful recently are Craig Cowan who had four for 17lb using a black and green and a black and white tadpole; Mr Gribble with two boats had 11 fish for 28lb 10oz on fabs, blobs and cormorants using a Di3, they also returned 6 fish; J Walker who had one at 5½lb caught four using diawl bachs and a midge tip;

Mr Fairley killed two for 5½lb and returned a further 14 using a black and green lure and similarly, Mr Easton caught and released eight fish. Needless to say, there were other anglers who were also catching and a few who did blank but who reported seeing many fish heading and tailing.

As we get towards September our bookings are starting to pick up again so we would ask prospective anglers that to avoid disappointment they e-mail us or contact the lodge on 01506 671753.

Ricky Wilson


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