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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 27/10/19

We tend to think of the loch as nothing other than a trout fishery but in fact, it is home to many thousands of truly wild fish namely pike – roach (I know several old guys like myself who still refer to them by their local name which is braise (braze) – perch and sticklebacks).

You will see in this week’s report that Mr Cotter netted and safely returned a beautiful pike of around 12lbs caught on a humungous. I take great pleasure from the fact that our loch is home to these wonderful wild creatures. The season is drawing to a close – we close on Thursday, 31 October – and the weather is certainly a lot cooler.

On Sunday, 20th Jim Russel had a quiet day but managed three fish for 9lb on a white rabbit. D Wright had five on catch and release including a fine blue of over 4lb. Mr Maitland had three for 10lb plus one on catch and release on a midge tip line and black rabbit. On the same day Alistair Golding returned seven on a white rabbit and green pea and midge tip line.

On Monday, Mr Brogan kept three fish for 10lb on a dabbler. J McDougal kept four for 12lb on a humongous. Mr Reid and Mr Scott both kept two fish for 6lb and 5½lb on sedge and damsel.

On Tuesday, G McIntosh kept two for 6lb and returned four on a damsel. Gavin Dunn and Bill Simpson kept four for 11lb.

On Wednesday, Don Reid had a nice session keeping four for 14lb as did Mr Loney who had four for 12lb on damsels. Mr Donnelly kept three for 8½lb on the bank.

On Thursday, Mr Kelly returned ten on catch and release on various lures. Mr Cotter along with his pike returned seven on catch and release all on a humongous lure and loch regular Mr Graham worked hard for two fish on a mini snake.

Only two boats out on a cold windy Friday. Andy Lumsden kept four fish for 10lb as did Gavin Dunn.

On Saturday, Ian Dobie netted ten trout using a minkie and a sinktip line.

We are now offering four-hour sessions at £15 for catch and release and £20 for a two fish kill ticket. To book either phone the loch directly at 01506 671753, e-mail or go to our website and book on our Bookings page to ensure you are not disappointed.

Graham Laurie


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