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Linlithgow Loch Catch Report - 29/05/20230 – 04/06/2023

Successful lines for the week again were Floating, M/tip, S/tip and Fast Glass. Flies taking the most fish were Buzzers / Muskins, Crunchers, black/green Lures, Damsels and Fabs. The Loch water is still clear at present. As usual it’s quietening down for the next few months due to holidays etc.

There were 37 boats out over those days with 47 rods, 1 fish were kept, weighing 60½ lbs, and 83 fish were returned. The bright sunshine and north easterly winds made a change to the catches over the week.

Best catches for the week; Monday went to single angler Jim Walker who returned 5 trout, also, Mr Graham returning 3. Tuesday’s successful angler was Mr Maxwell keeping 1 for 3 Lbs, On Wednesday, Oliver Sneddon returned 1 Rainbow. A busy Thursday had single angler Ron Thomson keep 2 fish for 5 Lbs, Donald McKenzie kept 3 for 10 Lbs, Mr Johnson returned 7and Ian Dobbie returned 5 trout. Friday, best catches for the day went to Nigel Duncan and partner who returned 12 trout, solo angler Ian Dobbie returned 16, Andy Lumsden and partner kept 3 fish weighing 8½ Lbs, Gavin Dunn and Jim Mackie kept 4 fish weighing 10 Lbs and Mr Malcolmson returned 3 Rainbows into the Loch

On Saturday Wellington AC with 3 boats kept 5 trout weighing 14½ Lbs and returned 17, Arniston Fly Fishing Club’s 10 anglers unfortunately didn’t do so well keeping 4 fish weighing 12½ Lbs, returning 1.

A better day on Sunday saw Trevor Gibson and Jimmy Russell return 6 Rainbows, both fishing solo,Ian Dobbie returned 10 fish and Mark Lawton returned 3.

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Boats are available on most days for a full day or 4-hour sessions but to avoid disappointment please call 01506 671753 or book online in advance.

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